Secrets of the Wild Panda (MOD) (DVD Movie)

Journey into the remote mountain forests of central China where the world's few remaining giant pandas live but now on the edge of extinction. Join a team of heroic scientists committed to saving the species as they scale treacherous slopes and penetrate blinding thickets of bamboo to befriend and study this mysterious and elusive creature. You'll share the thrill of discovery when they find, deep inside a cave, a mother tenderly cradling her newborn cub. The scientists hope this baby panda will show them why she thrives in the wild while others perish in captivity, In a race against time, they work diligently to unlock THE SECRETS OF THE WILD PANDA.

DVD Details

>Rated: 0
>Runtime: 0 hours, 56 minutes
>Video: 0
>Encoding: Region 1(US & Canada)
>Originally Released: 0
>Label: National Geographic

Starring: 0

This product is made-on-demand by the manufacturer using DVD-R recordable media. Almost all DVD players can play DVD-Rs (except for some older models made before 2000) - please consult your owner's manual for formats compatible with your player. These DVD-Rs may not play on all computers or DVD player/recorders. To address this, the manufacturer recommends viewing this product on a DVD player that does not have recording capability.

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