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  • Backgammon Backgammon


    Part psychological sexually-tinged thriller and part classic mystery, "Backgammon" explores the sexual tension, danger and mind games between a group of college students during a getaway in a country mansion. When Andrew invites Lucian and his...

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  • Tumbledown


    Inspired by true events, Todd Verow's "Tumbledown" is an explosive cocktail and an emotional rollercoaster ride through the dark sides of sexuality. A complicated love triangle develops after hunky Jay meets bartender Nick and invites him to spend the...

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  • Body of Deceit Body of Deceit

    Body of Deceit

    Years ago, Alice (Kristanna Loken) was in a terrible accident in Malta where she was staying with her husband Max (Antonio Cupo), leaving her in a coma for two weeks. Upon waking up, Alice could not remember the accident or even their holiday in Malta...

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  • I Confess

    I Confess

    In Alfred Hitchcock's I Confess, Father Michael Logan (Montgomery Clift), apparently a model of clerical piety, hears a killer's confession. Eyewitnesses point to a priest as the murderer, and the sacrament of penance forbids Logan to speak out -- even...

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  • Suspicion


    Well-to-do wallflower Lina McLaidlaw is in love, perhaps in danger. She suspects that Johnnie Aysgarth, the playboy who swept into her life and married her, is a murderer -- and that she is his next intended victim. Alfred Hitchcock's Suspicion slyly...

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  • Dark Passage

    Dark Passage

    Bogie's on the lam and Bacall's at his side in Delmer Daves' stylish film-noir thriller that's the third of four films Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall made together. Bogart is Vincent Parry, a prison escapee framed for murder who emerges from plastic...

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  • Deathtrap Deathtrap


    If you were a famed mystery playwright with a devastating string of recent flops, what would you do for a can't-miss thriller script? Beg for it? Pay for it? Or would you kill for it? You would if you were Sidney Bruhl, the leading character in Ira...

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  • After the Thin Man

    After the Thin Man

    It's New Year's Eve, Nick and Nora Charles have returned to the West Coast, and the philandering hubby of Nora's cousin has gone missing. Round up the unusual suspects. The stars (including the four-footed one!), writers and director of The Thin Man...

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  • Body Double

    Body Double

    Brian De Palma invites you to witness a seduction...a mystery... a murder. It's BODY DOUBLE a spine-tingling look at voyeurism and sexuality from the modern master of suspense. Jake Scully (Craig Wasson), an unemployed actor, is asked to house-sit at a...

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