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  • Poison (1991) (DVD Movie)

    Poison (1991) (DVD Movie)

    From the Oscar-nominated director of Far from Heaven, I'm Not There and the HBO mini-series Mildred Pierce, this controversial masterpiece is the most fervently debated film of the 1990s and a trailblazing landmark of Queer Cinema. Todd Haynes' first...

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  • Me Myself & Her (DVD Movie)

    Me Myself & Her (DVD Movie)

    Marina and Federica have lived together as a couple for five years in their gorgeous Rome apartment. Beautiful and funny, Marina runs a successful health food restaurant. As a former popular actress, she is independent and self-confident, with no doubts...

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  • Coming Out (DVD Movie)

    Coming Out (DVD Movie)

    Coming Out follows young filmmaker Alden Peters on his journey coming out gay, capturing everything on camera as it happens. This groundbreaking coming of age film places viewers directly inside the raw, intimate moments when Alden reveals his true...

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  • Eastsiders (DVD Movie)

    Eastsiders (DVD Movie)

    Written and directed by award winning playwright Kit Williamson, EastSiders is a funny and entertaining peek into the life and friends of a gay couple in Los Angeles's Silver Lake neighborhood. When Cal (Kit Williamson) finds out Thom (Van Hansis) has...

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  • What Happens Next (DVD Movie)

    What Happens Next (DVD Movie)

    After rich businessman Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom) retires early, his imperious sister Elise (two-time Emmy Award nominee Wendie Malick) tries to get him to settle down with the woman of her choosing. But Paul seems more interested in developing his...

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  • Were The World Mine (DVD Movie)

    Were The World Mine (DVD Movie)

    If you had a love-potion, who would you make fall madly in love with you? Timothy, prone to escaping his dismal high school reality through dazzling musical daydreams, gets to answer that question in a very real way. After his eccentric teacher casts him...

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  • New Twenty (DVD Movie)

    New Twenty (DVD Movie)

    Writer-director Chris Mason Johnson's award-winning first feature charts the lives of five New Yorkers, a mix of gay and straight best friends about to turn thirty. With emotionally vivid performances and nuanced characters, the New Twenty paints the...

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  • Whirlwind (DVD Movie)

    Whirlwind (DVD Movie)

    Handsome David Rudd stars as Drake, an exciting stranger who enters the lives of a group of thirty-something gay men in New York City. The flirtatious Drake spices up their lives, but soon creates unexpected drama. A smart and sexy expose about the...

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  • Outlaugh (DVD Movie)

    Outlaugh (DVD Movie)

    This hilarious, historic concert film showcases the funniest queer stand-up comics and queer sketch groups working in America today. The First Queer Comedy Festival in America, Outlaugh! 2005, hosted by the Gay Mafia comedy troupe.

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  • Loving Annabelle (DVD Movie)

    Loving Annabelle (DVD Movie)

    Rising star Erin Kelly (Waking Madison) is Annabelle, a precocious Senator's daughter who falls for her Catholic school teacher, Simone (Diane Gaidry, the Dogwalker). After Simone is assigned to control the rebellious student, she instead finds herself...

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